May 15, 2018

Fake Optics

Hi guys! Here with me again updating in this space. Anyway, we're entering the middle week of May 2018, time does fly fast huh? I'm getting sleepless lately because i'm waiting for something huge to come. I can't stop wishing to get the good news soon like argh so frustrating! I've been trying to be productive but seems like i can't beat the laziness hmm hahaha.

So here's a little catch up with what i've been doing for the past 2 months.
Selfies at my mom's early birthday dinner.

My new fav place to eat fish in town : The Coasts :)

My bubs!

My Lockscreen pict

Iced Caramel Chocolate is one of my fav Sbucks flav

A super recommended movie! For those of you who is lookin for a warmth, romantic family movie, this is for you guys.

infinity war!

At Senja Coffee. Their magic latte is rly guwd :9



Current Playlist 
1. Fake Optics - Ardhito Pramono
2. Inikah Rasanya - Sarah Usman
3. I Miss You - Cha Yeoul
4. Friends - Anne Marie

Thanks for reading!

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