February 7, 2017

Life Updates

Hi you guys! Sorry for the lack of updates and today i will share with you guys, a little bit of my life updates.

Dinner at Teras!

Throwback picture of Neon Lights at Hype.Bpn (it was a great experience there)

My fav cup of coffee


Chill with my big bro at Amalgam. So there was a little story here. I told  my brother that I really want to go there because there is a discount promo, dan yes dia mau dan we went there. Then pas sampai sana we're like, "Mba ini ada promo kan?" and then mb nya jawab "itu promo cm sampai jam 5 mas (waktu itu udah jam 6)" Trus kita berdua yang ohhh, then pesen juga loh akhirnya (malu juga yakan udh dtg terus keluar lg WAHHAHAHAHA)


Marugame Udon!

Movie time with Akong


In Frame : Yoyoy

Swatches of my Maybelline Matte Lipsticks

I really loooooove this cafe. At Rooks Cafe Balikpapan.


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