January 4, 2016

Jakarta Photo and Video Diary

Hello guys! So I now sitting in front of my computer and typing the Journal of my trip to Jakarta. Yes, after from Bali, we spent some times at Jakarta and it was so exciting! I really love this year trip, I could met my bro and we share some good times together. On a lighter note, I did thoroughly enjoy myself during the holidays ♥

My Fav Pork Cheek♥♥♥

omygosh, best ramen i've ever tried

UNION ♥ I really love the red velvet and the strawberry charlotte cake.

Since it's really hard to find the delicious kwetiau in Balikpapan, we decided to eat Kwetiau for dinner and I eat twice (in Muara Karang and in Mangga Besar)

My fav spanish yogurt♥

Best Sea Salt ice cream i've ever tried (Shirokuma)

Nutella BOMB♣
Till the next post!

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