November 10, 2015

A Rocket To The Moon


So today's space is going to be about the Korean Make Up Haul that I personally owned, so I will link the korean make up store below, so you could buy it too if you interested. They are selling so many korean products, I mean they are the most complete Korea's store that i ever found in Indonesia.

click here


I have bought so many stuff since I'm a make up freak these days, I mean i really obsessed with the make up stuffs lately. So I try to buy some of Korean products to see how it perform, and guess what? They perform really well! I'll review the products one by one just for you readers.


So this is how the package coming, it's covered with the bubble wrap so it's kinda safe for your stuffs there.

I really excited to see when my package were coming.

1. The Saem Cover Perfection Concealer

I do love concealers because they covers all of our flaws and blemishes. If you ask me the 3 make up things that i would survive I would choose, Concealer/Foundation, Eyeliner, Lipstick. So you know how much I obsessed with concealer

So this is how it looks like, I quite like the packaging since it's in the pot, and this is the best concealer that i've ever tried in my entire life. I have tried LA Girl and Mac Concealer before, but this concealer are way way better than them, sorry to say. This concealer literally covers all of your blemishes perfectly. I would give this concealer 9.5/10 so you know how much i love this concealer.

2. Missha Magic Cushion SPF 50

I do love the packaging, It's so red and cute! This is the magic cushion SPF 50. (8/10)

For those who are just tuning in: What is a cushion compact? It’s a sponge that is saturated with a sheer, weightless foundation. You dab an applicator into the sponge and pat the applicator directly onto the skin. Convenient packaging and build-able formula make re-application of makeup easy and fast. The formula typically offers multiple benefits including sun protection, moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients. 


  • Has a very very good smell
  • Love the blue applicator that is nice to use and blend
  • Love the formula that is SPF 50, it's moisturizing and leaves a dewy finish

Last but not least is Clio Black Eyeliner and Tony Moly Make Up Eraser. Such a perfect duo together! The Tony Moly make up eraser is a crazy awesome eraser for make up, I try draw the Clio eyeliner and erase it with the Tony Moly and the result is "it's gone forever" hahaha i'm so mind blowing to see the results, because I never such as a make up eraser like that.  (8/10)


My youtube videos for the Korean Products!

Till the next post!