August 24, 2015

Under Your Spell - Review and Photo set


Updating some of the features for my blog and hope you can enjoy the new ones. Have been so much in love with bohemian style and summer style, so I will post some of my mix and match clothes and hope you will love too with my Outfit Ideas. 
1st Outfit 
Top is from Nike Jordan Jersey and i'm loving it so much because it looks great and sporty for me, and the bottom is Boyfriend HW Shorts, it's a bit oversized for me, but it looks just nice so, i'm pretty like it<33
You can combined this Outfit With Snapback and Nike Airmax shoes or other sport shoes. And also my cap is from Billabong.
Price :
Top : $28-38
Shorts : $35-$50
Snapback : $20

2nd Outfit

The Sabrina top that really famous these days are from Offline Stores at Pekanbaru, i bought it last year, but dont really confident to wear it through my messy body, so I just wear it to took some photos hehehe. I combined it with black flare skirt from @rosellacloset on instagram, the skirt is already 3rd years old wahh<33 Last touch, i give it a black stylenanda alike hat from China Stores.

Price :

Top : $12
Skirt : $7
Hat : $5-8

3rd Outfit
Lovely Pink and Blue Pastel Bohemian Kimono from Wholesale Buying. You can open the web at So much of cheap stuff there, and guess what I bought this kimono for $6 only. Cheap right? Just go with this stores and get some of lovable stuffs with cheap prices. (rating : 3.7/5)

Random Picks

Loving the Bali Oversized Tank and match with cotton on white shorts and Black Sunglasses. I'm Ready for Summer Vacay! (Top : $2 / Shorts : $15 / Sunglasses : $2.02)

Simply white DIY dress

Forever 21 x Bershka (Price : Top : $5 Cardi ; $20 Skirt : $18 Bag : $17)

Sister OOTD : Factorie Varsity $50, Colorbox dress $20 Polka Clutches gifted from her friend on instagram $8, American Apparel Tennis Skirt $38, Cardi $20
 Online Store Top and Skirt for $15 and $20
 Topshop Halter Petite Tank $26.50 / G2000 Culottes $75
 Disney Mickey crop top from Online stores $9 and Skort from Bugis Singapore $15
 Loving the pink bag $120 from Katie Judith
 Top from Stylenanda $45 and American Apparel Shorts $50 and Stylenanda KKXX Cap $25
-Till the next post-

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