August 31, 2015

Paper Towns

Aloha! Since it's the last day of August , I want to give you my last post to for this August. Anyway, I already watched the Paper Towns movie and it's gorgeous! I love the original soundtrack of this movie, it's Search Party- Sam Bruno. I will post the video below so you can see as well. I read the synopsis from the novel first before i watched this movie, so I could understand what kind of movie is this. Cara Delevinge is super boom here. 


 Today's post is about beauty and fashion. Yap, I'm being so in love with make up lately. I love to by the make up that is have a great quality and long lasting. I never bought the American Make up other than Benefit. So, i'm trying to gambling with myself to by this affordable Make up. I read some reviews first before i decided to bought this so I don't have a regret feeling after bought this goods. Okay so i spent like $70 to bought this new items, but this is all my items including the Korean one. If you want to buy the Affordable one, it's really cheap like you dont really need to break your bank or your wallet, and it's starting from $1. You can have some brand like City Color, Wet and Wild, La Girl, ELF, and etc. The quality is not bad but the price are worth for. And i make some video of myself, there  are 2 videos that i wanna show you (because i'm too over confident perhaps) And i will show you some of the photos too. (also with my wishlist as well)


Here's the City Color Lipstick and it's so gorgeous. The color was so stunning and the lip is a bit glossy like semi-gloss. The price is $5 only. I choose Charismatic and I don't Give A Puck color, maybe if you see clearly, the color is different, The Charismatic one is lighter and pinker that IDGA Puck one. I don't give a puck color is more red and a bit pink.  

ELF BRONZER, Cheap and High Quality.

My new LA GIRL PRO CONCEAL it's superb




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