August 21, 2015

Nanda Inc.

The Korean Clothing line and cosmetics that I adore : Stylenanda. Have been loving it since I was on High School. Chic and gorgeous style from Nanda and the best Asian Cosmetics that i knew all this time.

Stylenanda  is a South Korea-based clothes brand. The company was founded in 2004 by Nanda. It had further expanded internationally and established branches in several countries, namely Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan and the Thailand

I always loving and adore their project about fashion and beauty. You also can check on The price of the clothing are a bit pricey due to the currency and Indonesian's economy nowadays, its around KRW 50,000-150,000 or $50-150. But the cosmetics are not really pricey to me, it's from KRW 1,800-70,000 or $2-$70.

The Stylenanda's Model that I always loving is Park Sora, you can search through google and see it urself! 


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