August 1, 2015


Hello guys

Recently, i went back to my old work and yep, now i'm here. 
i updated some of my social media and i introduced you to my new instagram (click here)

username : claudiapfia
password : iloveyou<33

Anyway, i forgot to tell you all that i forgot to upload my Pekanbaru's Food Vlog on youtube and it will be uploaded within this week.  Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks<33

Have been shopping a lot these two days, with an excuse of rewarding myself hahahaha. Oh well why deny these simple pleasures in life right? 

Today i will post the quarter of my new stuff! I'm so excited to wait for my abroad package to come, and the impromptu ip6 case. (p.s: i bought the American Apparel White Tennis skirt and the sunflower A.Apparel HW Jeans \(´▽`)/ !)

Loving my new American Apparel HW Jeans 


Ted Baker Shirts (aaa, so happy)<33 it cost hundred euro!  Thanks mom!

Best Deal!

In love with hangul and kanji sweater or tee!!

It will come next week<33


I will give you some of cosmetics review and comments.


Benefit cosmetics:

for you who have many pores in face, i mean the big pores, you can wore benefit products because their pore products are great! (3,9/5) the powder is so soft and the pore cream is good too. You can apply the cream first before you apply any of BB cream or concealer. 

The liptint is goddess too! It likes lip tattoo, so colorful and last longer than usual lipstick. 

Price : $40-70

The very useful powder!

Fake up concealer!


Chanel, Dior and Ysl

For this products, you don't even need to worry about their qualities because it's a rock! i'd love to wore the chanel lipstick and the bb cream<3 Dior and Yves Saint Laurent has their own goods too. (4,5/5)

price : $50-150

similar products to Chanel and Dior : Givenchy, Nars, Naked, Marc Jacobs or SKII

then the asian products come<33


My favorite korean products by stylenanda. The lip crayon jumbo is goddess (4/5) The BB Cream i really recommend you for the cheaper ones (4,7/5)

price : $30-50


This products is affordable for you to get the pastel cosmetics. It's around $15-30. Wonder pore are super<3 (3,7/5)

Another american products that really affordable for you are LA Girl, LA Splash, Wet and Wild and Nyx. I havent buy all of those things, so i cant tell whether it's good or not. But the price are super affordable. Starting $3-15 (i used USD) 

wanna buy in idr?
readystock 3ce etude at instagram

P.s : All of the products that i mentioned now, i already wear 'em except the last american products. Thanks xx


so, now i'll post, (not my outfit of the day) but the things that i bought! Fell in love with black and white these days, also grey<33

Top from : Instagram's Store

Skirt from Instagram store too

Photographed by Yohana (check @yohanatjie on instagram)


Top from dreamycloset instagram

Flying hairey hehe

my hair do and make up today (note : I do love my eyeliner<3)

Impromptu Photoshoot with my babes<3

I truly love this

Do some Selfies today and it be like this tho



fear less, hope more

eat less, chew more

whine less, breathe more

talk less, say more

hate less, love more

and good things will be yours

Thank you for reading<33

Please add my snapchat too : CLAUDIPFIA 


Claudia xx

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