February 8, 2015


Heyy! Happy Sunday Midnight!

Throwback 2 Days ago : Selfies with my Family <3

My SIPIT eyes :p ._.

My lovelies mom, isn't she pretty? ;) *wink*

Snack-ing (the tea has a very good smell)

Dinner at Pepper Lunch, I really loved the bean sprouts and my sister is really like the long bean (she said it's sweet)

Luxury things <3

I really love the vanilla<3 AAAAA

Japanese Snack (sweet and creamy)

Me like taking selfies everywhere  :p

Location : My auntie's house (Ascent Sky lvl 45)

At TCC (The Connoisseur Concerto)



My Current Mood (Christian's Song)

bila hati terasa berat,

tak seorang pun mengerti bebanku, 

'ku tanya Yesus apa yang harus 'ku buat,

Dia berfirman: "mari datanglah",

Dia selalu pedulikan aku,

'ku datang Yesus, 

Dia pikul s'gala bebanku.

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