February 2, 2015

Happy February!

Hello guys! Hello the second son of this year! February!!
Yipppie, the two upcomin events on February are Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year yeah!
Yep, this year I will celebrate this Valentine's day with myself :( wkakakaa

Ohya, almost forgot hahahahha, this february i'll finish all my diploma programme! Yeah, so happy hehe :p

Today, in this first day of February, i went to Church (Bethany Church Singapore) with my Singapore's Fellas :p After from Church (morning church haha), we ate at Ippudo Ramen hehehe (one of my favorite ramen restaurant) And after that we went to Tiong Bahru to met Kezia hehe :p Kezia gave us a keychain (Kiwi bird) from New Zealand hehe (thank you :p)

After that, Yanti, Jo, Cynthia and i, we went to Somerset to accompanied Jo (because she wants to shopping) hahaha, and we ate at Supply and Demand. As usual, i always love their pizzas! And for the dessert, we ordered Tiramisu (because Cynthia "REALLY" wanted it) *kekeke and the Tiramisu, is really moist and they're contains alcohol.

And, after ate, we went to our house to play cards and heads up, till midnight haha (because we waited for our "MARTABAK", from yanti's friend)

Hehehehee, and now it's over midnight hahahahha. Now i feel so fattttt hiks hiks :(:(

Here's some photos guys!

My first attempt at mimicking line stickers hehehe

With my cibs :*

Omg, this is super goddesss :p

Selfie loading : 1999999%

This super goood tiramisu :)))) 

Ninja Hatori WKWKWKWKW

Truffle fires (the red sauce is super goddesss)

Always be my fav one <3

Behind the scenes :p:p

This Salmon cheese is damn shiok ^^v


Shio : Rat ><

Can you find the key to open my heart? :p:p

My fav ayam penyet king :9

Thank you keziaa :P:p

Thank you for reading Xx


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