November 25, 2014

Chill out!

Yay! Today i went to Haji lane, Arab street and the surrounding areas to saw some of cafes there, and guess what, there was so many many cafes there and the concept of the cafes were so damn unique!! And while we were walked in arab street we discover a lane/road that sold some Indonesian Food (like: Nasi Padang, Nasi Jawa, and etc) Omg, I really happy to saw that restaurant, beacuse it's quite hard to find the delicious ones. I ate Cakes in Chemistry and Artistry (actually it's the same place) and the chocolate cakes and peanut butter there was really great (it costs S$7) ! And i went to Symmetry and try the Truffle Fries!! (and it's big) and it cost S$17.70 (it's quite expensive) but, maybe it's because of the place of the cafe :P 

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