July 10, 2014

College Life

Hello! It's me, Claudia <3

Now I'm already in the college yay! I'm at Diploma Accounting Intake 10th in Kaplan Higher Education Academy ! First day of college, i thought it might be hard because of many people told me that college is harder than high-school . But, it's not really hard you know! I don't know why, but it feels so easy because study in Kaplan is like study in the High School guys, before the quiz, the teacher will give you the hints, which is it's like "kisi-kisi" in Bahasa. They give you the revision, so you can get the focus area on the quiz and it will be given on Final Term too. All you need just study the revision and do your Assignment. Usually the score will be like 50 30 and 20. It means 50% for Final term, 30% of Individual Assignment and 20% for quiz. But, there is a cool thing in the Individual Assignment, that you cannot took all the articles from internet, because they can check how much is your plagiarism. The maximum of the plagiarism for the assignment is 25%. We can check the plagiarism ourself too! So cool. I've tried once and my plagiarism was 10%. And anyway, maybe i'm the youngest people in my college cause i'm the only one that under 18th years old. I met my classmates from Vietnam, i thought that she's 18 or 19 and guess what? she's 22 :< omg i'm so shocked :p

To all my friends, I hope you guys get a better life in college and better friends there! Good luck to you all and god bless you!!

To my loveliest teacher, goodluck too and hope you get the better better students yaaa<3

Some of my photos<3

My schedules on Term 1! Su-Su ! (su-su means fighting)

This is my half's assignment . It's a bit hard but, it's not really hard at all =))

see? you can check the similarity of your assignment, it can be use as much as you want. So cool<3

This is the Assignment platform at Kaplan
#selfie loading : 100000%
CAKES! Anyone? It can be found at Paris Baguette in Wisma Atria, Orchard

8 years ago :3

My mommy said that i fatter now, really? :(



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