May 6, 2020

Forever Young

hi peeps, today i'm gonna give you guys my life update. 

i miss to be this skinny wkwk

taking picture with my boo

my forever lockscreen

always happy to see my skin behave nicely

i broke my phone around 2 months ago, so i changed my phone into the new one ^^

this mask is very guwdd

ricebox from astara hotel ; sooo yummy

i gave my mum a lil surprise for her 50 birthday. 생일 축하해 eomma!

such a happy weekend to watched bang bang con day 1 and day 2 (BTS online concert)


i cut my own hair guys :P

what do you thing about my new hair?

mood (2)

my fav filter for now

no filter selfie


thanks for scrolling 
stay safe and God bless you guys

March 28, 2020

Sister Maternity Shoot

Photo and Edited by me 
For those of you who asked what app i used for editing : Lightroom :)